1st Edition 2013

Here we go again. The love for the big screen, the bet to keep on doing a festival dedicated to short movies that, in the past, already showed to function. Once changed the shape of the Association, last July was officially presented “400” in Palestrina, the new team at the helm of THE 400 SHORTS FILM FEST, festival of the short movie. That was an opportunity to confirm that the team is always the same and, with an enlarged organic and some important new entries,  continues to propose his own projects on the territory, in the cinema and cultural field. To confirm the the credibility of the Association, and of who is part of it, a lot of authorities were present to give their support to what today represents an almost unique reality in this sector. Emanuele Venditti, vice president of 400 Association, proudly announces that also this year it has been possible to organize the Short Film Festival "because we are moved by passion, and we can rely on the good will of a team of guys who do not act for profit but only to promote and disseminate film culture". Large is the crew at the helm of the Festival: in addition to Valentina Visconti and Venditti also Irene Leo, Alessandro Gubitosi, Gioia Cafaro, Marco Nuzzi, Debora Fusano, Francesca Delle Donne, Andrea and Alessandro Fucà, Jennifer Vieley, Massimo Sbardella and Massimo Filippini, all tied to the world of cinema as professionals, college students or amateurs. "A big organizational machine - said Valentina Visconti - which has served to not screw up all the wealth of experience acquired in recent years, allowing the spotlights to light again on Palestrina in relation to the world of cinema and the short film culture. In this sense, are to be thanked the many sponsors who have helped and supported these five days of the festival".

The brochure of "I400Corti Film Fest" 2013 edition here (Only Italian)