Inaugural Dinner

It took place on July, 9th 2013 in Palestrina to introduce the new born Association to the inhabitants of the little town. More than 130 persons were there, among them many important protagonists of the cinema field (for example the actor Massimo Foschi and the scenographer Franco Buzzanca) and from political world (the parliamentarian Monica Gregori, the regional counselor Piero Petrassi, the Chief of Tourism and the Spectacle Department of Palestrina Giuseppe Cilia, the Mayor of Gallicano in Lazio Marcello Accordino with his Head of Culture Department Fabiola Salvati, the Chairman of the Council of Valmontone Mirko Natalizia, the Councilors of Cave Fabio Felici and Ettore Lucarelli, the Chief of Public Works Department of Genazzano Mario Sebastianelli, the former Chief of Culture Department of Rome Umberto Croppi and many others).